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G1 Telecommunications offers, Avaya Repair and Nortel Phone Repair Technicians as well as many other major industry brands such as: Norstar Phone Repair, Toshiba Phone Repair,  Avaya Partner Repairs, NEC Repairs, Lucent Phone Repairs, Toshiba Telephone repairs,  Meridian Phone Repairs, Vodavi Telephone Repairs, and many others.


We are now part of the ABS  Network

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We are a leading Local & National Team of Telephone Technicians who are here to assist you in maintaining your old telephone system, upgrading your office phone system or even installing a new office Phone system.  We have systems from as simple to a: 2 Line Office Phone System, 4 line office phone system, 6 Line office phone system, 8 Line Office Phone System and up.   We even offer full unified communications.   We provide upgrades for Avaya Partner and more. 

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We are now part of the Telcom PBX network and an Atlantic Business System Partner


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